Summer and hot weather are slowly coming to an end, which means it’s time to prepare to return to kindergarten or school.

In order for your little ones to be ready on time, and to make your shopping stress-free, a new collection of children’s shoes has arrived at the Ciciban store!

The Ciciban fall collection offers a large selection of comfortable, sporty and elegant models that follow fashion trends, both in the choice of materials and colour combinations.



Girls’ shoes are decorated with cheerful glitter ornaments, sewn-in hearts and stars and interesting combinations of materials. There is no doubt that every little fashion lover will enjoy the kingdom of new interesting shoes at Ciciban. Boys’ models will make any outfit especially cool. The combination of colorful colors and sewn-in geometrically-shaped details make the shoes even more interesting.

Children’s slippers are definitely at the forefront of the return to kindergarten or school. The reinforced heel provides the slippers with additional stability, and the leather cap protects the front of the child’s foot and prevents excessive wear-and-tear. Ciciban slippers are made of natural materials (100% cotton) and are comfortable and breathable so that children can spend all day wearing them without their feet feeling tired.

Make your way to Ciciban and prepare for a joyful first day of the school or kindergarten year.