Bring your kids for the Children’s Theatre Weekend on 27th and 28th April and have a great time watching amazing shows.

There are many reasons why the young and the old are looking forward to spring. Lovely weather, days getting longer, holidays … On 27th and 28th April at Children’s Theatre Weekend your kids will be able to find out why the protagonists are looking forward to spring.

On Saturday at City Center one West from 6 PM you can follow exciting adventures of Toby the Tiger and his friends Lona and Bobby in a show called Little Nature Keepers. This happy group of three is here to teach the children on the importance of protecting the nature while playing, so we could have a better life on planet Earth. Find out why even the smallest acts make a big difference by watching the show which conveys a powerful message. We are also organizing a big spring celebration, so make sure you bring your kids to enjoy our entertainment programme the Cheerful ZOO on Sunday at 6 PM at City Center one East. Toby the Tiger has prepared some interesting games, cheerful songs and great dances, and he has invited Mrs. Giraffe, Mr. Lion and other ZOO inhabitants. Enjoy the celebrations together with your kids!

We guarantee that you’ll have an unforgettably good time. See you at Children’s Theatre Weekend!