How about looking for a new borša, rebatinke or a braćolet on sale? How good are inhabitants of Zagreb at Dalmatian fashion terms – find out in the video.

All the shop windows these days scream SALE! Irresistible fashion trends you weren’t willing to pay for at the beginning of the season are now more affordable and can become a part of your wardrobe without you feeling guilty. Snakeskin pattern? Bring it on! Rocker boots? Why not! Faux fur in trendy blue is not a bad choice either …

And what about looking for a pair of rebatinke on sale, complete your entire look with a new borša and round it all with a cute kapelin? In case you are not familiar with all of these terms, make sure to watch the video and find out how good City Center one Zagreb visitors are at Dalmatian fashion vocab.