Weekends are booked for the entertainment at City Center one! Bring along your youngsters on 10th and 11th March to the Children's Theatre Weekend and enjoy all together our amusing performances starring the Easter Bunny.

On Saturday, 10th March at City Center one West beginning at 6 PM the youngsters will be learning about the importance of love and friendship through an interactive performance „Two Friends, the Bunny and the Wolf“. An unusual friendship between the Easter Bunny and the mischievous wolf abounds in funny anecdotes to entertain the kids and make them laugh.

On Sunday, 11th March at City Center one East beginning at 6 PM the children will follow the Easter Bunny to the most unusual country in the world – “the Country of Easter Eggs“. Find out how the Easter Bunny ended up there and if he will be able to return home to spend Easter with his family in this entertaining show.

Bring your kids to the Children’s Theatre Weekend and have fun watching free performances you will keep in your memory for a long time.