In this season, DAILY SMART Springfield business look is filled with colours, it is very casual and suitable for various day-to-day situations.

Springfield sees a businesswoman through a palette of colours such as red, emerald green, and navy blue combined with floral motives which emphasize woman’s femininity in business environment.

Spring outfit is based on simply tailored pants and blazers, cotton materials and bright colours. Combinations spiced up with stripes or polka dots can easily be matched with cotton T-shirt with illustrated photographs and graphic logo-shaped print. Spice up your everyday look with Boho style bags, multi-coloured belts with striking buckles and popular robust sneakers.

This season, Springfield for men finds inspiration in diversity, from cosmopolitan and urbane look of shirts and plants, to casually tailored items that combine knitwear and jeans. Key features in the men’s spring collection are simplicity and comfort, while bi-stretch jeans technology guarantees freedom in movement. For all those who prefer comfortable options there are some light materials in earth colours and green shades to achieve that casual look. In the new collection we bring jeans in dark shades and an eco-friendly brand label, R[ECO]NSIDER that is committed to ecology and the environment due to using organic cotton. For a complete outfit there are key pieces such as the waterproof jacket, bomber jacket and classic white sneakers or black shoes.

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