Earthquakes may shake the ground and break the walls, but they cannot destroy the power of togetherness, good will and solidarity.

Therefore, we are inviting you to join the charity event #ŽelimSveMoguSve to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Counselling Center for Highly Traumatised Women of the Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb, which suffered damage in the recent earthquake.

Visit City Center one East or City Center one West in the period from November 13th to November 15th and by buying hoodies or T-shirts with meaningful messages make your contribution to this action aimed at the renovation of the Counselling Center which has been providing shelter and assistance to abused women for 30 years. An amount of 40.000 kn donated by City Center one will be added to the funds raised.

In addition, share short stories on your social networks about the obstacles you overcame and the situations in which you came out the victor with #ŽelimSveMoguSve and show in that way to others that they are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The ambassador of this event, Kristina Ivanuš, is an example of a person who overcame many difficult circumstances that life put in front of her and who grew up to be a successful, fearless and socially engaged woman. At four years old, Kristina left her broken family and came to the SOS Children’s Village Lekenik, where she grew up. She was diagnosed with a severe peripheral nerve disease, polyradiculoneuropathy, at only six years old, but that did not discourage her either – that is why she started doing many sports and found herself in diving. Among other things, she participated in cleaning the sea as part of the ThinkGreen operation and, together with other divers, removed five tons of garbage. This year, fully deserves, she won the Hermann Gmeiner prize which is given to people from SOS villages from all around the world who managed to stand out in their field despite difficult life stories and became role models for young people.

With her life story, perseverance and optimism, Kristina will become an inspiration to many, and let her inspire you to take part in this charity event.

Thank you!