There is no place for boredom this summer! Take your youngsters, drop by City Center one and together you can have fun with free performances at the Children's Theatre Weekend.

Long summer days should be filled with fun, so make sure you bring your kids to City Center one to see some interesting shows.

On Saturday 7th July, starting at 6 PM at City Center one West help the fearful Captain Straško and the unfortunate Sailor Grga during their treasure hunt in the performance called “Treasure Island”. This friendly duo has promised to share the treasure with the spectators, so make sure you help them find it.

On Sunday, 8 July starting at 6 PM at City Center one East see the exciting adventures of little Perica in the performance called “The Sea Adventure“. As his parents load the luggage into the carriage, the train is about to leave – but without Perica who is asleep at the railway station. Drop by and discover whether Perica arrives to the seaside and enjoys his long-awaited summer vacation.

City Center one should become an unavoidable stop for you and your youngsters with free shows that will turn these hot summer days into an exciting adventure.