Earrings in the Adriatic area are most commonly called “rećin” or “rećini”, and these – one of the most beautiful traditional earrings of Croatia – are made today by Zaks Jewellery Shop masters in silver, in many different colours and sizes as well as shapes, also with corals and pearls.

New models are inspired by items from the coastal and island area of Croatia, found as part of ethnographic, museum and private collections. Among a variety of “rećin” earrings throughout the history they were worn mostly in the shape of half moon, flower or buttons – especially in the mid-Dalmatian zone. This type of earrings derived from centuries-old tradition, and it can be worn today for evening occasions as well as during the day.

Among the new models there are the so called “ročine” which are recognisable by three pear-shaped or round filigree pendants, the so called bells or little buns. They are mostly related to the island of Pag, where they became a part of the town’s traditional national dress – one of the most attractive values of the coastal area, whose parts are today protected as intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. For additional information on traditional jewellery visit: