ZAKS Jewellery Shop features many Croatian products, amongst which Croatian traditional range is the most recognizable.

The jewellery from the traditional collection is distinguished by unique aesthetics that combines history and present time through form, shape and timeless beauty. Earrings from Konavle keep on receiving a lot of attention from Croatian women, as well as from the foreign tourists who like to buy this unique Croatian souvenir. Šibenik botun line includes a set with a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a ring; when worn together it will surely leave you breathless, especially during the summer when the golden shade of jewellery glitters on your tanned skin. There are also beautiful pieces of jewellery such as Rećin, Split Ornament, Rozetina, and Dalmatinka together with many other traditional jewels from the Zaks selection.

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If you still do not have your own piece of traditional jewellery, hurry up and go to Zaks Jewellery Shop so you can purchase an item from the traditional Croatian collection of jewellery which is now reduced by 50% .  Treat yourself to a new and luxurious symbol of history that you will be able to  wear proudly every day and one day leave it to the younger generation as  treasured family heirloom.

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