In the end, times change, everything changes but one thing is certain: as long as there are people in love, who believe in love, diamonds will continue to be most carefully chosen piece of jewellery on the global level. Find your favourite piece at Zaks Jewellery Shop at City Center one East.

Autumn is traditionally a perfect fairy tale setting for romantic gestures, and those who are in love most often choose golden jewellery with diamonds in order to mark their precious moments. New and extended selection of dazzling rings, necklaces and bracelets by Zaks Jewellery Shop adorned by diamonds, also known as the promise rock, is glorious in all respects.


Elusive beauty of a perfect light show of each item is enriched by the notion that it brings hope for a bright future to the happy couple. Featuring natural durability and indestructability, all the items by Zacks Jewellery Shop have been refined with white gold that provides elegant protection preserving it with the strength characteristic to this precious metal.

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