Enjoy the journey through Multiverse with Doctor Strange.

It is time for yet another Superhero night, an evening dedicated to your favorite superheroes. On Thursday, the 5th of May, let the big screen of Cineplexx City Center One take you on an exciting adventure with Dr Stephen Strange, a world-renowned surgeon whose career is ruined after a horrific car accident.

Dr Strange unlocks the Multiverse and shifts its borders more than ever before. He enters the unknown and, with a little help from mystic allies, experiences astounding and dangerous alternate realities in order to face a mysterious new enemy. Those who watch the movie will find out whether he will manage to stop him or not.

All viewers will receive a poster of the film as a gift, and from 7 pm onwards they will have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing Pepsi drink for free.

So hurry up – plan a movie night, buy tickets and immerse yourself in an adventure on the big screen. See you!