Take part in City Center one East and West prize contest by 15 September and buy absolutely everything you need for your schoolkids and with a little bit of luck you could win an amazing prize: Ford Focus – 2019 Car of the Year!

New school challenges should be embarked on with style! And while you are having fun shopping don’t forget to take part in City Center one prize contest and Ford Focus could become your new car.

You can participate with all your receipts exceeding 50.00 kuna, and you can enter in two ways:

  1. Text message
  • send CITY, receipt number, first and last name, address on the following number 60221 (2.40 kn/text)
  1. Online
  • Complete the online prize contest form below

Before you take part please read Terms and Conditions of the prize contest “Buy all you need for your child and win a new car!“ don’t forget to save your receipts. Good luck!