Participate in a big prize draw organised by ZOO CITY and City Center one until 25th November and win 10,000 kuna for your pet as well as an additional amount of 5,000 kuna you can donate to an association of your choice.

All pets require lots of love, tenderness and attention, as well as a nice treat or a new toy they can play with and rejoice over. This time, only one purchase at your favourite ZOO CITY can bring so much happiness to your pet as well as many other animals taken care of by many selfless people working in various associations.

Drop by ZOO CITY at City Center one East until 25th November and buy something for your pet. Shall it be food, a treat or a toy – that is up to you. Along with a receipt, you will also get a coupon at the point of sale. Fill in your details and drop it in the box, if you are lucky enough you can win 10,000 kuna worth of ZOO CITY gift vouchers. In addition to a great prize for your pet, you will have a chance to make other animals happy. The winner receives an additional amount of 5,000 kuna to donate to an association they choose. Click to see a List of Associations  that are truly doing an amazing job taking care of the animals, and choose the one you would like to help by donating 5,000 kuna. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

All you need to do is make one purchase to be in with a chance of winning an amazing prize and have an opportunity to perform a good deed. Make sure not to miss this chance!

For more details on the Big Prize Draw ‘Win a Prize and Help the Animals’ go to Rules of Participation.