It’s time to go back to school! In order to make that journey safe, bring your youngsters to the Children’s' Theatre Weekend, and revise the traffic regulations and traffic safety in an amusing way and completely free.

One can never be too careful, especially when it comes to traffic. This is exactly why you should bring your kids to City Center one and make sure they learn the rules watching amazing performances that will bring them safely to school.

On Saturday, 1st September at 6 PM drop by City Center one West and have fun together with your kids with the performance called Bobby the Policeman and the Naughty Traffic Light. Will Bobby find his way in his new position or will the traffic light that sings, talks and gives advice confuse him and cause chaos on the road? Visit us and find out after watching this educational workshop.

Make sure you do not miss out on our Magic Show called Getting Safely to School on Sunday, 2nd September at 6 PM at City Center one East. Jozo Bozo will be performing his magic tricks to show the children that no magic is needed to get to school safely – only caution. Magic, laughter and fun are guaranteed.

It has been proven that children learn best while playing, so make sure you bring them to your City Center one for a truly memorable lesson.