They say that success depends on the ability to adapt, so there's no other choice but to adapt to the conditions that come with the “new normal”.

Faced with a challenging situation which the whole world is tackling this year, City Center one is taking all the necessary measures to make a visit to your favorite shopping mall still pleasant, as well as safe. Therefore, in addition to monitoring and implementing new measures and recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, additional measures were taken which the earned the center the international recognition of Covid-19 Compliant.

The new measures include certain changes regarding the visit to your favorite shopping center, so keep in mind the following:

  • wearing masks inside the center is mandatory, as well as keeping a physical distance of at least two meters. You can find a disinfectant at each entrance for the purpose of disinfecting your hands before shopping, and you can also use free gloves provided for extra protection. Before starting your shopping, remember all the safe shopping tips.
  • Cafés and restaurants within City Center one are closed until further notice. Still, you don’t have to give up on delicious meals, since you can order them or pick them up to go and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Find out the working hours of your favorite restaurants.
  • Consumption of food and beverages during film screenings at cinemas is prohibited, and you can check for any additional measures implemented at Cineplexx so that you could enjoy the latest blockbusters carefree at #ostanimoodgovorni.

Moreover, City Center one has implemented a number of measures that add to the quality of the visit to the center for the visitors, which are the use of antibacterial soap throughout the facility and additional emphasis on disinfection of all surfaces in the center, especially those that visitors come in contact with more often, such as handrails, pushbuttons, doors, etc. Also, the intake of a 100% of fresh air is provided through carefully maintained ventilation systems, and the number of visitors in the center, limited by the regulations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, is controlled in real time to ensure sufficient space to maintain the prescribed physical distance.

Although all measures have been taken to ensure that visitors enjoy smooth shopping, we remind you that, more than anything else, it is your responsible and conscientious behavior that contributes to combating the spread of the virus, thus keeping yourself and others safe.

We believe that together we will overcome the challenging situation and come out on the other side stronger than ever! #keepyourselfandotherssafe