Bring your kids to Children's Theatre Weekend on 12th and 13th January and have fun watching amazing performances as part of Children's Theatre Weekend.

How can you have fun when temperatures drop below zero? Your kids can find out on 12th and 13th January at Children’s Theatre Weekend.

On Saturday at 6 PM in City Center one West meet the cheerful and playful Winterfans. Since they love winter, their each day is filled with laughter, fun and interesting adventures. So, make sure to bring your kids to enjoy Winterfun and experience the joys of winter all together.

See the penguins dance, presented by Lucky the Penguin in a performance called Crazy Penguins Dance on Sunday starting at 6 PM at City Center one East. The kids will learn about the importance of friends’ support in achieving their dreams, as well as about the importance of forgiveness. Together with your kids, enjoy the show to remember.

See you at Children’s Theatre Weekend, good time is guaranteed!