What kind of shoe will be trendy this Spring and Summer?

With sunny and warm days slowly waking up from the winter sleep, it will soon be time to put your warm clothes back in the closet and replace boots with sneakers, moccasins and even sandals. Spring footwear collections bring freshness, colours and refined elegance, as well as a touch of robustness which has become popular in recent seasons. Above all, the new footwear collections which await you in the Mass store will inspire you to style unique, fashionable outfits.

This season, the footwear range welcomes certain novelties. Valentino and Mexx, two well-known brands, have joined the premium range of women’s and men’s footwear in the Mass store. Worth mentioning is the Inuovo brand too, which offers women’s flip-flops and sandals made of high-quality leather. Brands such as On Cloud, Puma, Skechers and Gant, Tamaris, Calvin Klein, Birkenstock and Havaianas have also come out with new models. Men will surely be delighted by the news that from now on the offer includes modern Steve Madden, Liu Jo and Art sneakers, as well as Teva sports sneakers. The Skechers range for women, men and children also features new footwear. In addition to sportswear, you will also find an offer of casual and functional footwear. Skechers belongs to the very top of the technologically advanced manufacturers of sports shoes, with the most important feature being comfort, which has made these shoes known around the world.


Must-have models

This year, along with the increasingly popular On Cloud sneakers, New Balance sneakers will be the main stars of casual and sports styles, especially the 530 model, which is extremely popular. Various brands offer models reminiscent of retro sneakers, such as the mega popular Adidas Samba and Gazelle models. You will find them among the brands Gant, Art and Puma. When it comes to flip-flops, there is no doubt which brand will be the star of this years’ spring and summer outfits. We are talking about women’s and men’s Birkenstock shoes, the so-called “Birkin shoes”, and Birkenstock-style flip-flops, which have been the most popular model for a long time, primarily because of their comfort and simplicity.



Growing popularity of men’s moccasins

Men’s sneaker collections are still dominated by casual sneakers perfect for all kinds of fashion combinations, but men’s moccasins in neutral, earthy colours are becoming more popular. It is a versatile shoe, suitable for both relaxed and complex outfits, and can be worn on various occasions.


White sneakers with colourful details will be all the rage

Number one among women’s shoes this season will surely be Skechers sneakers, while lovers of casual and comfortable shoes will be delighted by the offer of famous brands, such as Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, New Balance, On Cloud, Replay, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Buffalo, New Balance and Liu Jo.


What type of formal shoe will be worn by women?

Flats are making their way back into fashion, regardless of whether they have a pointed or a round toe. These shoes are characterized by elegance, especially gold or silver models. Semi-open sandals, which have become a truly indispensable fashion piece in recent seasons, are a timeless and excellent choice for sophisticated fashion combinations, sure to dominate this spring in variants with a mid-heel or in “flat” variants with a thin sole.

For children and teenagers – just like grown-ups!

The collections of children’s shoes this spring are particularly cute, interesting and of course follow the latest trends because children are becoming more and more fashion conscious. Adidas, Puma and Skechers dominate the Mass store, while children’s Birkenstock sandals are a new addition. These brands have long been known for the comfort and quality of their products, and this also applies to their children’s shoes.


Fashion handbags for the finishing touch

When talking about a fashion accessory which can make any look complete, women’s handbags are all-important. This spring and summer, the collection of bags in the Mass store is larger than ever, among which duller colour tones dominate. White, brown and raffia have never been more popular, they look fresh and natural, which fits perfectly with summer clothes and different styles of shoes. In Mass stores you will find a wide selection of handbags from famous brands such as Liu Jo, Steve Madden, Ara, Replay, Desigual, Havaianas, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Gioseppo and Calvin Klein.