A free pop-up playground will delight little visitors until May 28

Ready, steady, go – and let the game begin! The attractive pop-up playground Plavi svijet (Blue World) will provide unforgettable moments for your children, but also stimulate their curiosity, creative thinking and resourcefulness under the watchful eye of expert animators.

While many daily activities in their schedules they “must” do, in the Blue World children don’t have to do anything at all – except have a great time. Through spontaneous learning and unstructured creative play, children aged two to ten accompanied by their parents, develop their own little magical world and thus learn to handle challenges more bravely and daringly.

At the same time, they have at their disposal innovative equipment for the Imagination Playground game, which they can use for stacking, combining and exploring, thus acquiring basis for the development of STEM skills. The only rules that exist here are those ensuring the safest possible stay of the children at the pop-up playground, so make sure you read the Rules of the Blue World Pop Up Playground before stopping by to play with the little ones.

Bring your children and let them learn in the most entertaining way possible – through play. See you at the City Center one!