Did you know that you can insure and protect your glasses from all kinds of damage?

At Optika Anda, you can find the unique all-risk insurance for glasses, provided by HOK insurance company, which offers the option of insuring glasses or spectacle lenses.

You have had your prescription glasses crack? You have sat on your favorite sunglasses? All-risk glasses insurance covers all that and any other unforeseen damage, and based on the contracted insurance, you are entitled to brand new glasses at no additional charge.

How does all-risk glasses insurance work?

You can use all-risk insurance once within 12 months, and in case of damage to your glasses, you can exchange them for brand new ones. Glasses insurance covers the destruction or mechanical damage of glasses or spectacle lenses. All-risk insurance is not valid only in case of loss or theft.

Petar Grašo insured his glasses

Petar Grašo, whose glasses are his trademark, also decided to insure his glasses and has not regretted it.

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