The new jersey of the Croatian national football team with the legendary squares which the winners of the bronze medal at the World Cup in Qatar will wear in the upcoming cycle was officially presented.

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The striking first jersey features the largest iconic red and white squares so far, offering a bolder look that will help shape the recognizable motifs of the Croatian flag in the stands and on the ground. The inside of the collar reveals the Obitelj/Family logo, which further reflects the unity among the Vatreni, while the modern style of the jersey is elevated by the ribbed exterior section.

Inspired by the old glory, the away jersey blends the modern and classic style to remind players and fans to keep dreaming big dreams. The slanted squares on the new jersey once again honour the heroes of the 1998 World Cup held in France, while the blue colour corresponds to the colours on the coat of arms and the flag of the Republic of Croatia. Of course, the Obitelj/Family logo is present here too, on the inside of the collar, as a reminder of the great Croatian football family.

Don’t worry, cheer with a full heart and loudly support our Vatreni because Nike’s advanced Dri-FIT ADV technology, made of recycled plastic bottles, has been used to make new jerseys for the Croatian national football team. It prevents excessive sweating and warming of the body and allows players to stay dry from the first to the last minute.

“I am very proud to have had this privilege to wear the Croatian jersey the most times, and I am always looking forward to the new set that follows our recognizable pattern. The Croatian checkerboard makes our jersey unique, and this especially applies to the first set that features large red and white squares, and I have to admit that I really like it now that I’ve seen this new jersey live. Also, I like the attractive design of the away jersey, which, thanks to its slanted squares, takes me back to the World Cup held in France in 1998, when the legendary Vatreni became an inspiration to many young players, including me,” said the captain of the Croatian national team, Luka Modrić. This is the ninth set of jerseys he has worn since he first played for the national team.

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