City Center one East will host an exciting concert on Monday, March 18th, where Croatian football representatives will join.

With mysterious videos posted by the Croatian Football Federation on their newly opened TikTok profile, something “new and live” has been announced. And the host of that event on Monday, March 18th, will be City Center one East.

A fiery atmosphere is guaranteed, with the main program starting at 6 pm, featuring concerts by Tiho Orlić and Opća Opasnost, followed by the arrival of beloved football representatives who will join the singers on stage. In addition, numerous games are announced, managed by resourceful hosts.

This is a prelude to a new period leading up to the start of the European Championship in Germany in June and July of this year, on the occasion of the national team gathering for friendly matches in March.

Come and be a flame of the fiery energy that will support the Croatian representatives in the new cycle. See you on Monday!