5 Kuna for the Butterflies

As part of celebrating City Center one’s birthday, from 14th to 16th October 2016, visitors took part in a charity event “5 Kuna for the Butterflies” for the Vukovar Butterflies Association, by purchasing a piece of City cake and a glass of champagne for only 5 kuna.
During a three-day charity event “5 kuna for the Butterflies”, we have raised 121.856,85 kuna at City Center one West and East.

Numerous celebrities attended this charity event and contributed greatly to the success of this story. Among others, the visitors could buy cake and champagne from Ivana Marić, Boris Mirković, Fran Ridjan, Iva Šulentić, Edita Misirić, Marijana Batinić, Mario Petreković, Renata Končić Minea, Mirna Maras, Andrea Andrassy, Barbara Kolar, Zdenka Kovačićek, Vedran Mlikota, Jacques, Barbara Kolar, Tarik and Lejla Filipović, Ella Dvornik and many others.