By purchasing Champion clothing at Sport Vision stores, you are helping Red Noses!

Sport Vision has recognized the importance of providing assistance to those who need it most! Partnering with Red Noses, whose mission is reflected in the slogan “Laughter Brings Hope,” represents a step towards ensuring and providing essential support to children in hospitals and the elderly in homes. Red Noses turn sadness into joy, and fear and helplessness into strength. With their creative approach, they teach children and adults how to transform their pain into strength and thus overcome the hardships they face.

While Red Noses selflessly support children and the elderly in homes, Sport Vision contributes to the realization of their noble purpose. This partnership is not just about selling sports equipment; it’s about creating a positive impact in the community and spreading smiles to those who need it.

At the heart of this noble collaboration lies Sport Vision’s commitment to donating €0.10 to Red Noses for every Champion clothing item sold. This initiative not only allows customers to support their sporting needs but also provides an opportunity to participate in humanitarian action that brings laughter and hope to those who need it most.