It’s time for a change.

The election year is a great motivator to reassess your choices that, whether you realize it or not, affect every aspect of your life.

Inspired by this, City Center one has launched a new campaign signalizing it’s time for a change and offering specific measures to enhance every segment of your life – from fashion and beauty to lifestyle. Therefore, lend your voice to fashion progress, discover the beauty of greater choice, enjoy new beginnings, and – without exaggeration, let the bright future enchant you. Let City Center one be your choice even if you want better soup – because this shopping center takes its pre-election promises quite seriously.

The fantastic creative concept and photography are once again the work of the outstanding Croatian photographer Mladen Šarić, who found inspiration in a somewhat unexpected motif – the electoral process, and he brilliantly elaborated on a theme that is filling the media headlines this year. In the realization of his vision, Saša Joka helped by carefully selecting the best pieces from the stores of City Center one and incorporating them into this fashion story. Jelena Stanković and Nevena Dujmović Prizmić are once again the faces of the campaign, with Milena Maršić from Glamour in charge of their hairstyles, and Tena Bašić responsible for the makeup. Ensuring that the moments from the campaign shoot never fade away, Timy Šarec captured everything with his camera.

The result of this collaboration is a striking campaign with a clear message: to make shopping better, I choose City Center!