This year’s vacation destination? Great prizes.

It’s time for a new adventure! Take part in the prize draw, because every week, until 21 August, you have the chance to win HRK 2,000 or the main prize worth HRK 20,000. Get your Shopping Passport during your next visit to City Center one and enjoy the journey to valuable prizes.

The check-in for the unforgettable journey is quite simple. Buy everything you need in City Center one, and with your receipts, stop by the Information Center where, for every HRK 100 spent, you get a stamp in your passport. If you decide to go shopping on Tuesdays or during Yellow Wednesday, you will be rewarded with bonus miles, i.e. double stamps. Once you have collected six of them and filled out your passport, simply drop it into the box located at the Information Point and wait for the draw. Finally, don’t forget to save the receipts.

Before you fly off to a new adventure, read the rules of the prize draw. Good luck!