Here are the instructions for tax refund for the products purchased at City Center one.

Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping is a service that saves your money when you shop in over 270 thousand stores around the world, as it offers you tax free purchases of goods. In order to obtain the refund of VAT and tax on goods and services when you bring the purchased goods into your country of origin (not applicable to the EU member states), follow the simple steps below:


Check the front of the store for Global Blue stamp or ask the staff if their store is a part of Tax free programme. When you find a perfect item to buy iatn City Center one, while making a purchase, do not forget to ask the sales assistant for the tax refund form (Global Blue Form).


Show your Global Blue form, the original receipt and a personal document (passport or ID card) upon exiting the EU, so the customs officer can stamp your Global Blue form which proves you are entitled to tax refund.


Finally, present your stamped Global Blue form, the original receipt and a personal document (passport or ID card) at the authorized Global Blue system refund point, and your money will be paid out in cash. If you prefer a payment on your credit card, check this possibility at the refund point.


  • minimum amount of purchase in Croatia for tax refund is EUR 100
  • if the form includes more than one receipt, the purchase amount on each receipt has to exceed EUR 100
  • purchased goods must be exported within 3 months from the date of purchase
  • tax may be refunded within 6 months from the date of purchase
  • when purchasing in Croatia, the tax-free form must be stamped by Croatian (if this is the border out of the EU) or any other EU customs by the customs stamp