Not more than three colours in your entire outfit? Discreet shoes which follow your styling ideas and don’t stand out? Only dark colours during the winter season? Either stripes or chequered pattern, by no means both? No way!

Lidija Lešić, Croatian model and influencer, in the fall/winter campaign by City Center one perfectly embodies a playful fashion icon who knows that playing safe this season – is a total failure. Different materials, colours, patterns and styles are complementary in the vision developed and photographed by Mladen Šarić. When we add the ‘big hair’ by Milena Maršić and striking make-up that follows the latest world fashion trends created by Saša Joković – this can result in nothing less but phenomenal photos that give an overview of the key trends of the new season, transformed by Martina Marinić, Art Director, into impressive visual solutions.

The new season is colourful, fun and full of unexpected combinations. Bright colours have moved from the summer accessories to the fall collections, and the sneakers (the bigger, the better!) still perfectly match with the elegant outfits. Chequered pattern will become an unavoidable part of your outfit throughout this fall and autumn, much like the animal print. Green in all its different shades is dominant in the new collections, and it is combined with the dark blue shades and orange. Jumpsuits continue to rule, and they are joined by dungarees worn with the most comfortable sweaters.

Perfect clothing items that can turn the grey autumn and the cold winter into the most interesting fashion seasons are now available at your City Center one. Find the best shopping ideas on City Mix&Match. Don’t be afraid to take risks – Mix it up!