Zaks Jewellery Shop at City Center one presents luxurious collections of jewellery in minimalist design, enriched with precious brilliants, pearls and zircons.
Jewellery items from the new collection are not limited by outfits you wear, their versatile style fits all daytime and evening combinations. Necklaces, bracelets and rings designed with sophistication stand out as discreet details within an outfit, which is confirmed by global popularity of pearls and beads which are an absolute must have in accessories this year.

Make your loved ones happy with an air of luxury, a gift whose emotional value will last forever, or you can treat yourself with a refined piece of jewellery you have always been wanting to have.

Entire collection is available at Zaks Jewellery Shop at City Center one, and benefit from making your purchases: up to 50% on silver jewellery, 30% to 50% lower prices for all watches and 25% discount on the entire range of gold and brilliants products.

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