The City Center offer is made richer by FINA’s office.

Financial Agency – FINA, a place that combines numerous financial and electronic services, has opened its doors on the -1 floor at the Interspar entrance.

Among other things, in FINA you can pay bills free of charge or with more favorable fees, replace damaged banknotes, perform exchange services, buy forms, stamps, bills of exchange, value coupons and seasonal work contracts, and send and receive money by Western Union.

Numerous services are available to business entities, including those for cash and non-cash payments, downloading daily statements on changes and account balances, and receiving and processing R-S/R-Sm forms from previous years.

Make your life easier and do everything you need to do in one place – on the -1 floor of your favorite shopping center, from Monday to Saturday, between 8 am and 8 pm.

From October 5 to October 9, Fina has an excellent offer for all its customers – a 20% lower fee for citizen cash payments.