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The Nicole Marie gift set is made of carefully selected products which will make their recipients feel pure happiness and satisfaction. Whether they were made for a special occasion or as a simple token of affection, these gift sets will tug at everyone’s emotions.


Personalized gift sets contain carefully selected items accustomed to the needs and wishes of their recipients. What makes personalized gift sets so special is their personal note. They can be furnished with a personal message or the recipient’s name or initials to make them feel extra special.

Lately, in these times where individuality and personal touch are more appreciated, a personalized gift set is not just a physical item, but it also has emotional value; it can strengthen relationships, help celebrate special moments or simply put a smile on the recipient’s face. Gift sets are a token of affection, love and care which create lasting memories in the hearts of those who get them.


Scented candles enrich and transform the space they are in, creating a cozy ambience and a relaxed feeling which improves our everyday life. Scented candles radiate warmth, light and gentle fragrances. They are an ideal gift for all the lovers of scented candles, with messages which make it extra special.


A planner with funny quotes is more than just a tool for keeping up with tasks. Every time you open it, there is a dose of humour which will help you relax while you plan your days. Its pages are full of fun quotes and hilarious phrases such as: “Smile today, tomorrow might be worse.” or “Only women can yell for two hours and then say – I am at a loss for words.”


A coffee or a tea cup help us feel at home in every situation. Shaped with gently rounded edges, it provides comfort in every sip, and the message on it is there to further warm your heart and brighten your day.


Made of glass, tough and durable on the inside, fun and attractive on the outside. A drinking bottle is like a faithful companion that allows you to carry your favourite beverage wherever you go. It is not only a container for liquid, but also a symbol of practicality and sustainability. By using your own drinking bottle, instead of using disposable plastic bottles, we are doing something good not only for ourselves, but also for nature.