Take a peek into a newly opened Lykke Gift Shop at City Center one East on the -1 floor.

Lykke gift shop is much more than a regular gift shop. Lykke Gift Shop was designed to be a fragrant little oasis and a happy corner for women who want to relax in a nicely decorated gift shop while buying fashion accessories and home décor details. Come to our gift shop and experience the Lykke philosophy of finding happiness in little things. Look for the famous scented medallions, mini medallions, necklaces and other Lykke jewellery. Give your jewellery a personal touch by engraving it.

The Lykke brand is detail-oriented, which is why all their jewellery is carefully crafted and planned down to the last detail. The wish to give every client a perfect experience is evident in the breath-taking gift sets. Elegant and perfectly designed, the Lykke gift sets combine fragrant medallions with essentials oils and long-lasting, carefully selected roses – each and every package is designed to make the sensation last as long as possible.

In the Lykke gift shop, you will also find amazing gifts made by our long-term partners. Only here will you find jewellery by the Singaporean brand Risis, made of real orchid flowers with a unique sliding zipper. The Golden Spartan cosmetics for men’s beards and body, Odeata cheramic cups and bowls for jewellery, Starsilk silk pillowcases, Jou Jou cosmetics and other unique, personalized gifts.