Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA) for the first time opens its door to clients in a shopping mall, and it starts with a new, improved branch concept.

From 28th May, at City Center one East RBA presents a new concept of branch offices, based on the new client approach where the focus is fully directed to the end users’ experience as well as their satisfaction with the services and the experience. Each part of the branch office has its own story, a lot of attention is given to details, and the bank would like to offer the clients more than the mere functionality. At the new branch office, the clients can spend their waiting time using digital content and books, they can relax and get informed about the novelties. The branch office also offers a free use of WiFi, and there are facilities for the youngsters.

On the occasion of the opening, RBA is preparing various offers for the visitors, and for more information visit the branch on 28th May, when you will have an opportunity to enjoy a completely new experience of a bank visit.