New collection of GO Carpisa suitcases is equipped with the TheBreath® fabric with bactericidal, anti-mould and anti-odour features.

Key to each travel is certainly a high-quality and practical suitcase, and Carpisa has made a revolutionary step in the new collection by launching the “Air clean” suitcases equipped with TheBreath® fabric.

This is a new multilayer fibre that reduces and absorbs harmful atmospheric pollutants. The fabric consists of two outer layers made using water-resistant fabric – with  bactericidal, anti-mould and anti-odour features, and another carbon fibre interlayer which is activated through nanomolecules that separate, prevent and break down the microparticles which pollute the atmosphere.

TheBreath® fabric should be used for 12 months, and thanks to the outer and the inner insertable pocket it can be easily replaced thus keeping the air in the suitcase clean and fresh.