Find exciting fashion and lifestyle content across 124 pages of our new issue of City one Magazine. Discover the hottest fashion items and which trends to follow in the new season; find inspiring ideas for your everyday outfits, as well as for the special occasions and enjoy a few hundred of shopping ideas from your favourite stores.

Emerald green is about to conquer the streets, and tweed, animal print and chequered pattern are becoming dominant in all clothing items and accessories. Read our City one Magazine to find out how to fit all these and create a meaningful fashion story, and how to look like a true fashion expert. Check out the suggestions on how to combine shoes and bright-coloured bags with interesting patterns, find out about the hottest trends by Instagram influencers, see all the trendy raincoats, as well as how to incorporate the sneakers into your business outfit. Robert Sever recommends 3 different styles, all including one key item – a white formal shirt; and our Stylist Silvia Dvornik brings an overview of seven key season trends. Ana Bacinger, Editor of City one Magazine, reveals her favourite autumn pieces as well as how to achieve that perfect street style look.

Lidija Lešić, Influencer and model, who looks radiant in the new City Center one Magazine, in the interview reveals some details about the fashion show she fondly remembers, how much work is required to create an interesting Instagram profile, what fashion represents for her, how she keeps her slim figure and many other interesting details.

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