Make sure you do not miss the most romantic children's theatre at your City Center one – bring your youngsters on 17th and 18th February for Children's Theatre Weekend and you can enjoy and take part in shows about kindness, happiness, togetherness and love all together.

On Saturday 17th February at City Center one West, starting at 6 PM you can follow how a scarecrow called Straško is discovering that a world is a much better place with friendship and love. One amazing friend and the youngest assistants from the audience will help him in doing so. “Straško in Love“ is an interactive and a very amusing show.

Next day, at the same time at City Center one East there is a show called “Looking for a True Heart “. This is also an interactive show your youngsters will love to participate in while they help the prince who walks across 17 kingdoms to find ‘a true heart’.

Bring your kids to Children’s Theatre Weekend and have lots of fun and laughs together with free performances.