Bring your little ones and join us for the Children's Theatre Weekend on 16th and 17th February. Let's enjoy together the programme dedicated to love.

They say that the true luck is to love and be loved! Since it is already February, known as a month of love, the time is right to dedicate the entire Children’s Theatre Weekend to the most beautiful feeling.

On Saturday at City Center one West from 6 PM you can follow the story called The Love Potion together with your kids. Tobi the Tiger has received many cute little hearts as a Valentine’s gift. When seeing that, the Bunny called Curiosity wished to have the same little hearts and he turn to Ljubek the Wizard for help. The wizard gave him five different potions which would help him achieve this. But rather than getting many little hearts is seems that the Bunny will get only one heart. Find out why having one heart is the most valuable thing by watching this very entertaining performance.

Do you know that hugs improve the mood? This is the reason why you should drop by City Center one East on Sunday starting from 6 PM with your kids and have some fun together with Bobby the Bear. In addition to lots and lots of hugs, he has prepared some interesting games for both kids and adults. Do warm up, because you will be catching ginger hearts, putting together jigsaw puzzles and shooting at love. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Don’t forget to bring your smile and a few warm hugs, and leave all the rest to Bobby the Bear and his entertaining programme called Hug me.

Wait no longer, arrange your schedule to fit in Children’s Theatre Weekend and enjoy the programme dedicated to the most wonderful feeling – love, together with your children.