Bring your kids for the Children’s Theatre Weekend on 23rd and 24th November and have a great time watching this amazing performance together.

While Elsa, Ana and the rest of the bunch embark on a new adventure into the Enchanted Forest, your kids will have an opportunity to go to the Magic Forest and discover the secrets it hides.

Interesting story about a troll called Lea and her two younger brothers in the performance of Dječji grad is scheduled on 23rd November from 6 PM at City Center one West and on 24th November at 6 PM at City Center one East. Who are the mysterious white creatures, what are they looking for in the Magic Forest, why is the White Wizard looking for a pendant that is more than 1000 years old, and what kind of unusual friendships are about to develop, to mention just a few questions that will be answered in the Magic Forest.

Kids learn best while having fun, therefore make sure you bring them to your favourite shopping centre to learn a lesson in friendship that is truly worth remembering. See you!