Every year, City Center one Birthday Party gives you an opportunity to perform a good deed by taking part in a charity event called 5 Kuna for a Better World.

This year from 11th to 13th October, the visitors could once again make their contribution by purchasing a piece of cake and a glass of champagne at a price of only 5 kuna, and the proceeds this year went to MoSt Association which takes care of homeless people in Split and The homeless shelter in Velika Kosnica. In all three centres, a total of 44.000 pieces of cake were sold and 1,100 bottles of sparkling wine, thus raising an all-time high amount of 200,548.02 kuna.

Many people from the show business happily took part in this charity event, working hard to achieve a noble goal.

Thank you to everybody for showing your big heart in order to help make the world into a better place!