The new Lykke Forever in Love collection is inspired by friendship and love.

The collection celebrates every kind of love because each motif is a symbol carrying a message that calls for the importance of our relationships and the bonds we have with each other.

The Bee Mine mini medallion is a modern and minimalist form that symbolizes completeness and harmony. The natural form of perfect symmetry is most often found in the honeycomb and therefore has often been associated with longevity throughout history. Bee in the English jargon represents a good friend and a dear person who is known for their loyalty and commitment to friendship.

The My Shining Star Crystal Medallion represents a shining guiding star as a beacon of hope – a sparkling light that illuminates the path. Every star in the sky is of a different shape and shines differently, just like people – everyone shines in their own way. Crystal represents a shining star guide. Its irregular shape makes it imperfect and serves as a reminder that regardless of imperfections, we are perfect to someone just the way we are. It is adored by women with big dreams who strive to achieve them. A shining star is someone who goes above everything, makes everyone’s day nicer and has a bright personality.

The Coin of Love medallion is an ideal gift for marking romantic relationships, but it can also be a gift for those friends you wish happiness in love. It is represented by a symbol of love, longevity and happiness that dates back thousands of years – the motif of the romantic mistletoe plant. Although many believe it is linked to the holiday tradition, mistletoe has been a symbol of romance, fertility and vitality since ancient times.

Each Lykke medallion becomes the story of the woman who wears it, and with custom engraving it becomes a reflection of her style and personality. Lykke jewellery can be found in City Center one East on floor -1.