Friends of City Center one, with whom the Center is glad to cooperate and assist them.

UNICEF programs aimed at:
decreasing peer violence and domestic violence against children
encouraging, promoting and supporting foster parenting as the best form of care for children that cannot grow up in their biological families
early development of children and positive parenting
The most popular UNICEF programs lately are ‘First 3 Are Most Important’, ‘Every Child Needs a Family’ and ‘Stop Violence Among Children’.

SOS Children’s village Croatia
SOS Children’s villages care for children without parents and parental care, regardless of their race, ethnicity and religion, they provide love and safety in family surroundings, permanent home and education for happy and peaceful childhood.

Caritas’ mission is to work on the realization of the vision of a fairer, happier world, to build the leading role in social and pastoral mission of the Catholic church, to promote solidarity and social justice and to act as the voice of the poor and disempowered and train them and encourage to speak for themselves.
Croatian Caritas conducts projects for poor families and individuals through national projects and campaigns, and since 2002 it has established 13 church family counseling offices in Croatia. In the same year Caritas launched the Building Peace program.


Mission, motivation and the reward of RED NOSES, the Clowndoctors, is bringing smiles and joy of life where sorrow, fear and pain are present. RED NOSES provide psychosocial support to people who are ill, helpless and suffering, primarily to children in hospitals using humour and joy of life.

Tennis club Sirius
Tennis club of disabled persons Sirius was established with the primary goal to help young persons and adults with disabilities by providing education and organizing tennis trainings.

Rugby club Zagreb

Educational center Goljak

Zagorska liga protiv raka (Cancer League of Zagorje)

Kap dobrote

and many others.