After a cold and gray winter, days are finally getting longer and warmer, which is significantly improving our mood.

Our feelings guide us to choose warmer colors, so our outfits are becoming brighter and more attractive. The pastel colors trend is imposed on us by nature itself, which awakens in a wide range of shades – from powder pink and peach, through baby blue and green to off-white and yellow shades. You don’t have to worry if you’re not good at matching colors because pastel shades are soft and it is hard to mismatch them.

The past year has imposed new casual dress standards on us – what we have learned is that we need to be more relaxed and feel comfortable wherever we are. For example, a tracksuit has recently become a new fashion favorite that we will wear this spring as part of all day and evening outfit combinations. Tracksuits used to be worn only for sports, but now they are part of outfit combinations we could not even imagine before.


However, what makes a big difference in every outfit are accessories. Choose between sports sneakers and retro shoes and you will get two different outfits, and it is equally as important whether you choose a sports backpack or opt for a small fashion bag and wrap it around the waist –the choice you make will result in two totally different outfits. You cannot go wrong with white sneakers, whether they are a modern or a retro model. Whatever shade of a pastel color you choose, one thing is for sure – the Guess collection will satisfy even the most refined tastes and brighten up the upcoming spring days.

Unique Guess pieces are waiting for you in the Fashion & Friends store in City Center one!