City Center one is the first shopping mall in Croatia to provide its visitors with the opportunity to charge their electric cars, fully free of charge.

Charging point
Charging points are located on the –1 floor in the garage, next to the elevators, and depending on the type of vehicle and battery level, your car will soon be ready to run in only an hour or two. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to visit your favourite stores or enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Electric vehicles can be charged in 3 ways:
1) Access by RFID card
Look for a RFID identification card at the City Center one Information point and follow our simple  instructions for charging.
2) Access by PulgSurfing application
To start charging download the PlugSurfing application to your smartphone. Open your user account and enter the method of payment. Activate the QR code reader and scan the QR code of the charging socket. Stop charging through the application.
3) Access  by text message (available only through T com network)
To start and end charging send a text messages  on 709090. Exact content of the text message to start and end charging is displayed at the charging point.
We would like to point out that in case your cable does not fit the TIP2 socket, you can collect the adapter for the regular socket at the City Center one Information point.

Fast charging point
Look for another charging station, five times faster, in the eastern part of the garage at the level -1 and charge your electric car for a fee.

To pay for the use of the fast-charging station, follow the instructions written on it. Before charging, stop by the T-Centar store in City Center one West, where you can purchase the prepaid card which you need to charge your car. You can also charge your car via the Croatian Telecom’s espoTs app after downloading it to your mobile phone. Instructions can be found on this link.

Bikes charging station
Fans of electric bikes can charge their vehicles free of charge on two specially designated parking spaces in front of the main entrance of the Center.

We wish you a pleasant, happy and green driving!