City Center one is turning into a place filled with fun on February 26 and 27.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? If you need more than 30 seconds to remember, it’s time to fix the issue urgently! On February 26 and 27, City Center one will turn into a real oasis of fun that you simply shouldn’t miss. In addition to the colorful program, the little ones are in for some cute surprises that will make the weekend get even better.

There will be clowns to make kids and adults smile at every step, while skilled jugglers and magicians will captivate you with their tricks. Get ready to see some great performances that include hula hoops and enjoy walking alongside entertainers who will dare to stroll around their favorite shopping center on stilts. In addition, a lovely princess will stop by the center to talk to the little ones about her magical kingdom.

A cartoonist will find the most amusing way to immortalize everyone present and make sure these memorable moments never fade away.

Check the detailed schedule of activities for City Center one West bellow and City Center one East on link Carnival weekend, bring the little ones along, and enjoy the real circus that awaits you in your favorite shopping center.