Charge your electric car even faster!

From now on, look for another charging station, five times faster, in the eastern part of the garage at the level -1 and charge your electric car for a fee. And while your car is charging, spend your time shopping at your favorite stores in City Center One.

By setting up this charging station, which will surely delight many, the Croatian Telecom, as the leader in the field of e-mobility in Croatia, as well as the most reliable technological partner in the implementation of charging stations and the provision of digital charging services for electric vehicles, has succeeded in creating a sustainable, cleaner environment, and in connecting individuals with the opportunities that the new technology provides.

To pay for the use of the fast-charging station, follow the instructions written on it. Before charging, stop by the T-Centar store in City Center One West, where you can purchase the prepaid card which you need to charge your car. You can also charge your car via the Croatian Telecom’s espoTs app after downloading it to your mobile phone. Instructions can be found on this link.

Also, we remind you that the visitors of City Center One West can still charge their electric car completely free of charge at the free charging stations in the garage, located only a hundred steps farther