City Center one helped in afforestation of Medvednica with a big eco action.

Do you know that forests make up 40% of Croatia’s land area? Most of the oxygen on land occurs in their canopies, so they are often called the lungs of the earth. And to help green the favorite picnic spot of the people of Zagreb, Medvednica, City Center one organized a socially responsible project that received a fantastic response from visitors. Thus, in the period from 22 April to 1 May, 5,000 beech seedlings were collected and donated for the afforestation of Medvednica.

On the occasion of Earth Day, an eco-corner appeared in the City Center one West and East, where visitors toured an educational exhibition and learned many interesting facts about the hills and mountains nearby. They were able to test the newly acquired knowledge in a short quiz and win prizes, and with each quiz solved – regardless of the result, they actually secured a new seedling that will find its place to live on Medvednica.

Apart from the visitors, eco-conscious influencers Martina Vuletić, Borna Rastović – Rasta and many others contributed to this green activity. The project partner, Hrvatske šume, will make sure that each seedling finds an ideal location and grows into a large tree that will help Medvednica, but also all of us who live nearby, to breathe with full lungs.

Foto: Zlatko Lugarić