Show off your knowledge, help reforest Medvednica and enjoy great prizes.

Did you know that the majority of the oxygen on land is produced in the forest treetops, which is why forests are referred to as the lungs of the planet? That is why City Center one will donate 2,000 trees that will restore the forest on Medvednica. The best part is that you can help!

From April 22 to May 1, come see the educational exhibit at the City Center one West and East, discover many interesting facts, and take a fun quiz to check your knowledge. Each completed quiz, regardless of the result, means a new tree will find its spot on Medvednica. The goal of City Center One is to donate and plant as many as 5,000 new trees. In addition to helping reforest a nature park that looks over the capital, you will also find ideal presents that will come in handy during your next trip to nature. Learn more about how to breathe life into the city’s lungs soon.

Take a look at the exhibit, solve the quiz and with a little effort, without donating money, help make Medvednica greener. See you!