The dm store in City Center one West is one of only two stores in Croatia that offers its customers the possibility of using the eco-friendly detergent refilling station and thus contributing to reducing the amount of plastic dumped into landfills.

The dm eco-friendly detergent refilling station allows you to refill Planet Pure bottles with one of three BIO liquid laundry or dishwasher detergents. Choose appropriate empty packaging made from 100% recycled plastic or sustainable raw materials that you will be able to refill with each subsequent purchase of BIO liquid Planet Pure detergents.


The use of dm eco-friendly detergent refilling stations contributes to the preservation of the environment in several ways:

  • You use up to 70% less plastic
  • The detergents are plant-based and 100% biodegradable
  • By repeatedly using the Planet Pure bottle you reduce the amount of plastic dumped into landfills with each subsequent purchase of the appropriate Planet Pure BIO detergent.

To get more information about the refilling station, please talk to the sales staff at the City Center one West dm store or click on the following link: dm eco-friendly refilling station.

Make a conscious eco-friendly choice!