IsaDora Beauty brand has come to the Douglas perfumery

Finding a quality and affordable make-up is not an easy task at all. However, good news has arrived from Sweden! For a while now, people have been going crazy for Scandinavian beauty products, since Northern women have beautiful, nurtured skin. Leading Swedish drugstore brand IsaDora, which boasts with a wide range of most diverse face, nail, eye and lip make-up products, as well as make-up brushes, and which delights everyone year in and year out by putting out innovative products before anyone else.

Health of each customer is the top priority. Therefore, all IsaDora products undergo rigorous clinical and non-animal testing. The final formula is always tested on real people before it finds itself in your bag to ensure the most accurate and most appropriate results for everyone. IsaDora’s vision of beauty is not cruel. Cruelty free philosophy has been the core of the company’s business from the very beginning and the products have never been tested on animals and never will be.