In the transitional spring season, Calzedonia highlights women’s tights, perfect for every day and every occasion.

From a wide range of models and colours, Calzedonia highlights the EVERYDAY line of women’s tights, available in 8 or 20 DEN, starting from €5.30. The most popular model in the nude colour comes in several variations, from nude and bronze shades to coffee and black. These products feature a cotton insert and comfort waistband.

In addition to this line, INVISIBLE items are also available, i.e., seamless invisible tights, ideal for wearing under formal dresses and skirts. They are available in 20 and 40 DEN, also in different shades of colour, priced at just €7.95.

The PREMIUM line of tights is created from innovative and durable material, available at a price of €10.60. The 15 DEN premium tights are long-lasting and have a matte effect. Designed to last longer, these tights have become the absolute bestseller of the season. Discover Calzedonia’s range of tights for every day and every occasion!