Special and striking pieces are the main stars of the popular Replay collection.

Replay, a famous Italian brand, is reviving its original concept this season; their exclusive We Are Replay collection is intended for authentic women who like to be playful when it comes to fashion. The collection was created about twenty years ago, but it reintroduces creative and innovative pieces that belong in a fashionista’s closet.

Military, biker, and bohemian styles represent some of Replay’s eternal reference points. Here, they are amplified by the addition of edgy elements intertwined with feminine lines. The We Are collection embodies the roots of the Replay brand uniquely and originally, and this year’s collection is characterized by a contemporary style with a graphic aesthetic. The stylish and simple design of these trendy pieces will appeal to all women who like to look sophisticated and edgy at the same time.

The combination of sexy silhouettes that adhere to the body and casual, comfortable everyday cuts is what definitively characterizes this collection. The denim pieces are reworked and designed to be worn together or separately, and they include mini dresses and suits. The combination of fitted silhouettes and 70s-inspired bell-bottom jeans paired with T-shirts and tops instead of coats and denim jackets helps achieve a more feminine look in a glamorous, fun, and eccentric way. The back-in-fashion low-rise jeans and fine details emphasize the modern and clean aesthetics of a relaxed and cool wardrobe.


Jeans with a specific design represent the highlight of this collection. The classic hem is replaced by threads that further emphasize the figure while serving as an excellent detail. This collection’s jeans sport a popular washed effect. They are especially soft thanks to the sculptural effects that are mixed with new textures – laminated fabric, elegant patchwork, and damaged denim. The collection is full of elements with a recognizable Replay touch, mixing military and boho styles. You’ll also find nylon jumpsuits with orange details, cargo pants, which are a must-have this season, and articles with embroidered tribal details. All these pieces emphasize the identity of a woman who is sure of her appearance.